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The Family Operation

What started as a vision, turned into reality. Our whole family packed our bags and set the destination for the mid west,  wild Wild West, #OKLAHOMA. There isn't many states that give the opportunity for "mom and pop" companies, so we knew we couldn't wait. We received our initial license on... wait for it... 4/20!! Call it a sign, vibe, coincidence, whatever you want. With that step, we started our first 20 light grow. Through a roller coaster of a market and growing pains(no pun intended), we've made a name for ourselves slowly but surely. Zoom forward 2 years, and we are getting ready to fire up 100 lights on our 9 acre facility. We live by the statement "For the connoisseurs" and plan to keep it that way as our crops get bigger. The patients  deserve it.

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